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"Theres an App for That" - Horse & Rider, Sep 2012
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Create, Study and Animate any Reining Pattern on the go! EquiSketch Reining will help you prepare for any reining competition, at any time on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. With the unique EquiSketchboard, you can visualize your movement around the arena while memorizing each step, one at a time. If you dont want to study step by step, the EquiSketchboard allows you to simply draw your pattern in the arena and then animate the horse!

With EquiSketch Reining, you can:

• Create and Manage individual patterns
• Create patterns step-by-step or just by drawing the path
• Study with or without visual and written cues
• Add, Remove or Edit the steps within a pattern
• View the pattern steps in a one page, written format
• Use the EquiSketchboard by itself for a quick view of the arena
• Visualize and animate your location within the arena
• Share your patterns with other users
• Draw the patterns with all of the standard reining symbols
• Study and learn each pattern by writing the steps, reviewing the steps, then testing your knowledge of the steps

EquiSketch Reining was designed to make learning and studying any reining pattern as quick and simple as possible!

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